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Today I will give everything I have, what I keep inside I will lose forever


Peter Twist’s passion is teaching – he has shared his training theory in 10 books, 18 DVDs and more than 400 articles on athlete development and sport performance. The Twist Education team is driven to deliver results, create new exercises and training concepts founded in science, implemented first in Twist Sport Conditioning Centres with athletes who validate the training style with continuous performance improvements. Twist SCC Coaches share exercise information with parents, teachers, coaches and medical professionals through workshops and PD Days in their community.

The new training methods are then shared through conferences where Twist Presenters train the trainers and coach the coaches. As the teacher to the professional trainers, Twist exists at the front-end of the industry, creating new how-to-train content which is packaged into world class home study professional resources. With the goal of changing the way people train, improving athleticism and increasing activity levels, Twist how-to-train Smart Muscle™ resources are distributed world-wide for active adults, kids and aspiring athletes who learn to train with equipment to match to build Smart Muscle™ and become their very best.

We travel the globe delivering this Educational Experience by means of:

- Conferences

- Live certifications: Twist Smart Muscle, ViPR, TRX, BOSU, Trigger Point

- Profesisonal Development Days

- Digital Education: Twist Sport Conditioning Coach Education Program & IGNITE 360 Online Certificate Program


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