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This article is guest blogged by Lee Ness, a UKA qualified Event Group Coach for ...
He is an Adjunct Professor of Sports Management, at New York University. He was the CEO ...
This article is guest blogged by Lee Ness, a UKA qualified Event Group Coach for ...

22,853 views | Published 31 December


Twist Is Sport Conditioning™

In the world of sport performance, Twist Sport Conditioning is the initiator of today’s hottest sports and athletic training trends. Twist IS Sport Conditioning™ - Welcome to the Revolution.

Led by Peter Twist world reknown Strength and Conditioning Coach, author and presenter, Twist Sport Conditioning exists to create new ways to challenge the human machine via Smart Muscle™ training. Our core offerings revolve around educating personal trainers, teachers and sport coaches, designing authentic sport-fitness programming for health clubs and small group training applications, and representing the athletic and sports training tools to Consumer, Commercial and Dealer channels around the world, to match our unique exercise programming.

Twist Sports Conditioning provides the entire package. We are changing the way the world trains.

Join us!

Why Twist Conditioning

Since 1999, Twist Conditioning Incorporated, has been an industry leader in sports training including both sports fitness training and functional fitness training, sports conditioning and athlete training. Just as balance is the foundation of our training programs, it is also the pillar of our company. With 4 major divisions - Training, Products, Education and Franchise, Twist Conditioning is world class in athlete training services, unique sport-fitness products, professional how-to-train educational programs and an integration of these 3 divisions with franchised sports conditioning centres.


Twist Conditioning is a progressive team, driven to re-define sports conditioning through knowledge, innovation, and experience. Building champion athletes and winners in life is what our sports training and athlete development programs do. We have helped thousands of athletes of all ages, abilities and sports reach their performance goals. The Twist training paradigm involves an integration of agility, strength, speed and balance exercises which are used to best meet the needs of each individual athlete.


  • 2012-10-29 08:02:11

    Athlete training and conditioning first established roots in individual sports where coaches turned to physical development to get the most out of each athlete's strengths and abilities. Like in the individual sport of track sprinting coaches and trainers found that athletes could benefit from enha...Read More

    2012-10-25 07:59:18

    Athlete training results can be maximized by introducing some interesting exercises. Interesting exercises gain much greater adherence than simple repetitious exercises.   Safe interesting whole body challenges at a pace athletes are comfortable attempting produce a powerful and effective combinat...Read More
  • 2012-10-22 07:55:41

    Many sports directly draw upon balance, strength and movement for skill execution. Athletes require extensive training and conditioning to make their body more reactive to unpredictable events. The true joy of the sport is exploring how to coordinate the body to become more competent at increasingly more d...Read More

    2012-10-18 07:51:38

    Sports Training with Smart Muscle Training  Below is a training routine ‘BOSU® Balance Trainer up, up, down, down’ which effectively integrates strength with balance. Begin in a plank position with forearms in contact with BOSU®. Place one hand on the...Read More
  • 2012-10-15 09:44:33

    There is a sports training paradox around the world that most exercise professionals and trainers, with their good intention of ensuring that core exercises are safe, prescribe very limited exercises to athletes. This ultimately results in under preparation of their clients for sport demands and actually s...Read More

    2012-10-05 09:42:21

    Torso rotation plays a significant role in sports fitness training. The sport skills of kicking a football, swinging a tennis racket, shooting a hockey ball, getting air and spin on snowboards, spiking a volleyball, driving a golf ball and hitting a baseball are all dependent on a highly developed tors...Read More
  • 2012-07-13 08:48:26

    High speed direction change and explosive braking are key determinants of sport success. These attributes must be trained through athletic and sports training. Deceleration, velocity and direction change add risk to training and conditioning programs, but are a requisite compon...Read More

    2012-04-19 09:14:16

    Smart Toner™ Push Pull Combination Using 2 Smart Toners™ the goal is to perform a Row with the pulling arm and a Press with the pushing arm.  Cue the athlete into athletic ready position with a split stance (front foot contra-lateral to pulling arm).  Push...Read More
  • 2012-03-16 08:19:26

    Sports Fitness Training - Slastix™ Push Pull Rotation •    Purpose – As part of sports conditioning this exercise trains rotary core force production in conjunction with whole body strength.&bul...Read More

    2012-02-29 07:19:30

    Athlete Training - Smart Toner™ BOSU® Balance Trainer 2 Foot Lateral Jump Row Begin beside the BOSU® in athletic training ready position with triple flexion of the hips, knees, ankles grasping the Smart Toner™ handles with a...Read More


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